Mule Deer Hunting

Region F – Combination mule deer hunt with elk hunt
Sept. 15 – Oct. 22
$1,500 + Trophy Fee when you harvest.

Region F – Late Season**
Oct. 30 – Nov. 4
Nov. 5 – Nov. 10
$4,000 – 2 hunters per guide
6 Days

**This deer hunt is a late season migration hunt.  We will be hunting deer that migrate from the high country to the winter grounds south of Cody, Wyoming. You get to stay in a comfortable lodge where we trailer from each day to hunt for the big ones. You won’t miss out on the western way of life as you will have a trusty stead to ride and 3 square meals a day.  If you decide to road hunt, we can do that as well.

All prices subject to a 3% forest service use fee, sales tax on meals and lodging tax.


$1,000 will reserve your dates – (non-refundable once you draw). Balance of 50% due by March 31st. Remaining balance is due the night prior to your first morning hunt when you show up at the lodge.

License Fees and Application Deadlines

Licenses for all big game species are sold by drawing. We can process your license applications personally and can do so by phone or you can apply online at:
Mule Deer — $677 – Jan 1st thru May 31st (includes preference point). $389 – Jan 1st thru May 31st (hunters with preference points).