Hunter Testimonials

I wanted to send a thanks for a great hunt and adventure. Your week started with a huge tragedy, yet, your team rallied around your leadership. It was a great experience. I have been fortunate to have been on a few wilderness hunts and would have to say your camp excelled. Your team, and how you all work together was great. The food was awesome. The stock was dependable and the best that I have been around. The work that Justin did each day to ready them is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Josh for starting a fire each morning and say hello to JD, I appreciate him greatly. When you have time, please let me know of possible openings you have for the next couple of seasons.
Ryan, Chaseburg, WI

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for having confidence in me as a rider and hunter and taking the time to skin the elk so I can make a floor rug. I appreciated your encouragement and confidence in me as well. Thank you once again so much!
Jerry Bismarck, ND

Skylar and I want to thank you for the entire experience. I can not think of anything that you could have done better or tried harder at. Having been around the block a few times, I hope that means something. Your crew, guides, cook, mules, and even the bears were all well trained. Throw in a Park Ranger and snow and we had it all. Obviously it helps to get two incredible elk. However, when my wife saw mine next to Skylar’s she thought I had just gotten a deer since Skylar’s was so large. We do not know how to thank you for your efforts. Colby we want you to know how grateful we are for having met you and spending a week with your crew.
Markay & Skylar Sandy, UT

Without your help, I wouldn’t have a big bull to mount!
Jerry from Bismark, ND

Thanks for the fantastic early season bugle elk rifle hunt! This was a hunt of a lifetime and a dream come true. Cannot wait to come back. Coulter, Skyler, and Nancy were great in camp. All the guides were great and Colby did a heck of a job running everything and guiding at the same time.
Sean from Cranberry Twp., PA

I would just like to thank you for a fantastic hunt and vacation this fall. Your camp was very professional and very organized, which made my experience so much more enjoyable. Even though it was my second time being out there to hunt, it was just as amazing this time as the first.
Jason from Reedsville, PA

I want to tell you how special your Mountain Creek Camp and hunting experience is to me. I have been to quite a few camps and yours is second to none! One of the most beautiful valleys I have ever been in!! Spectacular wildlife with elk, deer, bears, and sheep. Hope I draw a sheep tag while I can still climb. Great camp staff and guides. Will recommend your camp without reservations. Thank you so much!
Lud from Rock Springs, WY

I was very impressed with your ability as a guide and leader. There was no question of who is in charge during our hunt. Some men are born leaders, and I definitley think you fall into that category. Everyone in camp respected your authority, capability as a guide and leader. As I told you, your style is the type that develops others.
Gary from Hicklory Corners, MI

I want to say thank you for the awesome time on the first rifle hunt. Our trip was fantastic, the cook was great, the camp jack and wrangler were great and your guides were fantastic. I couldn’t imagine it being any better. That being said, you got me hooked and I want more. Your wilderness adventure was unforgettable. I am also talking my wife into one of your summer pack trip, fishing adventures.
Daniel from Tulsa, OK

I do want to do another trip with Colby; he is the real item when it comes to mountain men, horse (mule) handling, reading the mountains, hunting in general, and running a well organized company — and surely you also play a critical role.
Walter Berlin, MA

I can’t put into words what an outstanding operation this is. It was my first hunt with Colby but definitely will not be my last.
Jory – San Angelo, TX

What an adventure. Troy and Colby are mountain men of epic proportions. Really enjoyed hunting with Troy. He’s a hell of a guide, great person and has a great attitude.
We’re discussing future hunts.
​Robert Frisco, TX​