Gear List

Hunting Gear List
1. Heavy Duty Canvas Big Game bags (pack of 4) – not mesh-Wal Mart sells a good set or Cabelas.
2. Bear spray
3. Slicker or rain gear
4. Heavy winter coat and Light coat
5. Camera and Film or SD cards and extra batteries
6. Waterproof hiking boots, camp shoes, and plenty pairs of good socks
7. Lined – cold weather packs for 3rd & 4th rifle hunts – Schnees’s packs – highly recommended not mandatory
8. Toilet kit – personal medication, cough drops, Tylenol, toilet paper for the ride in, antacid, etc.
9. Heavy winter clothing and lighter clothing (jeans, flannel shirts, etc.)
10. Gloves (2-3 pair) and a warm cap
11. Long underwear or body armor
12. Wool pants or cold weather camo highly recommended
13. 2 headlamps are a necessity, extra batteries and bulbs, flashlight
14. Back pack with small water bottle
15. 2 boxes of ammunition
16. Knives, sharpening stone, steel
17. Fire starter & matches and or bic lighter
18. One article of fluorescent hunter orange, 12 square inches
19. Binoculars, and range finders
20. Rifle with scope, covers, and sling
21. Sleeping bag
22. Shower towel and washcloth
23. Hunting license, conservation stamp, & picture ID
24. If you prefer, you can bring beer, wine, or spirits (no glass, limited amounts). Can be bought in Cody.

Requirement: The above articles must fit into 1 large duffel not weighing over 30 pounds. We weigh all bags before departure and the weight limit is strictly enforced.

Note: The 30-pound weight limit does not include your sleeping bag or backpack.

  • If you have your own scabbard that fits your gun, we prefer you bring it for your firearm. If your rifle has raised turrets or a bigger scope, you will want to bring your own scabbard to use to get your rifle to camp.
  • In case you don’t have your own, we provide scabbards but please note they do not fit raised turrets or bigger scopes. Each and every rifle must be in a scabbard and packed on your riding animal to get them into camp.
  • You can leave your travel clothes, shoes, suitcases, etc. with us or in your vehicle at our trailhead behind a locked gate.

Archery Hunters will need the following extra items:
1. Camo
2. Hard bow case
3. Bow tools
4. Extra string, sight, & release.
5. Cow elk urine scents
6. Broad heads and field tips
7. Bow sling