How It Sounded To Me

There’s a little slice of heaven
Its not too far away
In fact, it’s 24 miles
You can make it in a day
It’s at a place called Mountain Creek
In a make-shift town called Grizzly Camp.

Where it’s rough and wild and rugged
There’s no way to make it tame
But we ain’t out for fame or glory
We’re just outfittin’ for big game.

Now it’s a simple life
That we’ve all grown to love
A thanks to the mountains
And have faith in God above.

There’s no two ways out of here
There’s only just the one
And once you’ve hit the trail
Your journey’s just begun.

And whether you’re here for the trophy
Or just out to have some fun
You might as well accept it
You’re gonna miss it when it’s done.

So if you didn’t fill out
Or just wanna come back again
It ain’t a problem at all
You’re always welcomed back my friend.

Colter Bush
Camp Jack