About Us

Colby has spent a lot of his life chasing his dream of rodeo. When he wasn’t rodeoing, he enjoyed spending time in the mountains. He was a professional bullfighter for 13 years. During this time he met his wife, Codi. It all bloomed from there.

They now have two boys who mean the world to them, Caden and Casen. Colby and Caden are both lifetime members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Colby is a lifetime member of the Wild Sheep Foundation.

Colby decided that there was more to life than fighting bulls and being hurt all the time. He started guiding hunters for his father-in-law, Jake Clark, during the fall of 2002. He’s been a professional horseman nearly all his life and a professional guide since 2002. When he married Codi, he became involved with her family which are 3rd generation outfitters. Thus making Colby and Codi 4th generation outfitters.

These young bucks both have the experience, qualifications, and knowledge it takes to be a top-notch outfit and plan on devoting their lives to help people enjoy God’s great outdoors.

Wyoming Outiftters - Colby Gines Wilderness Adventures
The Gines Family in the backcountry.